Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nicholas Cage - National Treasure?

I am not a fan of one Nicholas Cage! I don't understand why he keeps headlining movies cuz he plays the same character in all of them! The thing that bugs me though is that if i do watch a movie he's in i end up liking the movie in spite of Mr. Cage! That's because he usually surrounds himself with a ton of talent like a superstar director and an all star cast. I noticed movies that feature Cage as the main star and a bunch of bit actors are the ones that i come away from thinkin why did u let Cage fool you again! I knew going in i wasn't going to enjoy the movie because of his one trick acting and yet i fell for it again! Curse you Cage! I bring all this up because every year Cage averages about 50.2 movies! I exaggerate of course but it's annoying how many movies he churns out. i really want to see the new movie Kick Ass but once i saw his retardedness in the previews i cringed and cried out NOOOO! But a prime example of the movie being bigger then Cage because it's adapted from a graphic novel by Mark Millar who also penned Wanted and if Kick Ass is half the movie Wanted was then Kick Ass is going to be a good flick! All despite having Nic Cage in the movie. Here's a capsule summary of Nic Cage movies that Ive seen. Keep in mind that he's done over 1 billion films and still counting!

Ghost Rider - I liked this movie cuz half the movie was CGI Ghost Rider which spared me from looking at Cage's noggin.

Face Off - Awesome movie with a kick ass John Woo directing and a powerful star performance from John Travolta! Oh yeah and hottie Gina Gershon smoked up the screen with her sexiness! Cage wasn't too bad but he was just playin himself after all so how hard could that really have been?

Raising Arizona - Hilarious Coen Bros movie! Again proving that if Cage isn't workin with top directors his movies are crap!

Family Man - Horrible drama with Tea Leoni. No superstar director or all star cast to bail out Cage on this weepy melodrama! And why does Cage always think he's funny in movies like this? He's not funny at all just really annoying!

Kiss of Death - Mob movie featuring Samuel L. Jackson and David Caruso which shoulda been good but Cage ruined it! It sucks just like all of Cage's performances!

Con Air - Convicts in space! Yes! All Star cast bailed Cage out on this one.

The Rock - One word: Connery! Kick Ass Sean Connery carried this movie!

It Could Happen To You - Combine Cage with Rosie Lopez and i wish i could erase this hour and half crapfest from my memories. Absolutely dreadful. I hate Lopez more then I hate Cage!

National Treasure - Not a bad paint by numbers poor mans indiana jones but since cage is the star i hated it!

These are the only ones i remember so if i think of more crappy Cage movies i'll post em and just for the record i don't hate Nic Cage the personally i just want him to stop making movies!