Saturday, September 18, 2010

What to Watch on TV?

The fall TV season is upon us so your pal Hollywood Jeff decided to filter through the TV schedule to pick out the TV shows you should be watching right now. Check out the list and start watching your boob tube again! There's even some good shows to watch on basic cable! So grab your remote, set up your TIVO and get comfy cuz here's what you should be watching...

10. Jersey Shore - Love em or hate em you can't deny the Jersey Shore's indelible mark on pop culture right now. This season has the gang invading Miami's beaches, clubs and of course gyms, tanning salons and laundromats (GTL, BABY!). Hang with the M. V. P.s (Mike, Vinny and Paulie of course!) as they search for females DTF all while avoiding tranny's and grenades! Cuddle up with Snooki (this blogger's personal fave!), Sammi, J-Woww, Angelina and watch out for Ronnie on the prowl! Watch for them to head back to Seaside Heights later this fall as the Miami Beach run winds down.

9. Cake Boss - Follow Buddy as he makes delicious cakes in the shapes of Sesame Street, motocycles and pretty much anything you ask him too!

8. The League - Hilarious comedy about the triumphs and tribulations of a fantasy football league where the size of your trophy really does matter! This show proved that you can turn a kiddie birthday party into a league event and added the word "Traderape" to everyday fantasy lingo. This season picks up with the league drafting in Vegas, Ochocinco guest starring and Andre making changes to the prized Trophy! If your not watching then start!

7. How I Met Your Mother - Neil Patrick Harris as Barney is why you have to watch this hit CBS comedy. He carries the show with help from Allison Hannigan and Jason Segal. Without this trifecta the show would be just another generic romcom but you have to watch it just for these three! They are Legen -wait for it - dary!!

6. Weeds - Already in it's sixth season this Showtime staple provides some of the greatest cliffhangers so I'm excited to see what's in store this season after last season's stellar cliffhanger.

5. Eastbound and Down - Danny McBride stars as former MLB pitcher Kenny Powers who can be best described as the lovechild between Mitch Williams and John Rocker. Will Ferrell and Craig Robinson guest star in season 1. Hilarity ensues when Powers is forced to move back to his hometown and in with his brother.

4. The Office - This season will be Steve Carrell's last one on the show so I hope he exits with grace and dignity! Well you know that won't happen so I can't wait to see how it all ends for the great Michael Scott!

3. True Blood - I love how vampire Bill Compton fails in his quest to watch over and protect the love of his life Sookie Stackhouse. He's the worst vampire ever! Tune in to see blood, guts, sex, violence, cursing, shape shifting, need i say more?

2. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - What will the gang do next? Whatever it is i'm sure it will be filled with acts of kindness, goodwill and love...wait who am i kidding i hope they'll be up to all their tricks of dastardly deeds of tom foolery, back stabbing and selfishness! Charlie should get an Emmy!

1. Dexter - Brilliant edgy thriller following serial killer Dexter on the prowl for his next victim. After last season's bloody cliffhanger how will Dex keep it together? Here's hoping he doesn't, it'll make for better TV!