Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pixar Update

Well I've done it! I've finally seen all the Pixar Disney films! I just recently watched Ratatouille so here's my take on it...Didn't really like it, which is rare cuz i pretty much like all the Pixar movies! It was just not really geared towards kids and when Jared tuned out after the first five minutes and i had to watch it myself I'm thinking that Pixar just didn't have it with this one.

First off it stars rats and that's why i have been avoiding this movie cuz based off the previews i was not into it. I mean c'mon who wants to watch a movie bout a rat? It's not even a cute rat like the way they made Mickey Mouse a love able mouse, it's a rat that you probably have crawling around in your kitchen cabinet right now!
Second all the dialogue is way over little kids heads and most of the action takes place in the kitchen of the resteraunt...BORING! So me and Jared give this movie the thumbs down and Jared hasn't had any desire to watch this one anymore!

So to recap...Ratatouille is a miss and Jared's favorite Pixar movies remain...Up, Cars, Finding Nemo and Toy Story!

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